Integrated Approach for Management of Leaf Miners in Crops

Leaf miner is one of the serious pests that attack a wide range of crops including vegetables, fruits, ornamentals and cause economic yield loss....

Plant Viruses and Disease Management

Viruses are obligate parasites that require a living host for their growth and multiplication. Viruses enter plant cells through wounds usually made mechanically or...

Field Preparation for Tomato

There are over 2000 varieties of tomatoes that are being cultivated in India. India is the second largest tomato producer. In the year 2021, India alone produced about 20.33 million tons. Tomato is not a vegetable, it is a fruit and is further classified as a berry.

Field Preparation for Tea

India is the world’s second-largest tea producer. India’s climate and conditions are some of the finest to grow tea. In the year 2020-21 India produced 27 million tons of tea. India is also the world’s third-largest tea consumer.

Field Preparation for Grapes

India in the year 2021 alone exported 263,075.67 metric tons of grapes to the world for the worth of Rs. 2,302.16 crores. India’s major export destinations are the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Russia, the U.K., United Arab Emirates and Germany.

Field Preparation for Onions

India is the second largest onion producer. Indian onions are famous for having their pungency all year around. Due to this fact there is a lot of demand for Indian Onions. India has exported 1,537,496.89 MT of fresh onion to the world for the worth Rs. 3,432.14 crores during the year 2021-22.