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Management Of Dusky Cotton Bug In Cotton 

Cotton is considered as one of the most important cash and fibre crop in India. It is often called ‘White Gold’ due to its economic importance. However, cotton plants are also vulnerable to various insect pests that can cause significant damage to the crop. One such pest is Dusky Cotton Bug. This bug feeds on the sap of cotton plants, leading to significant damage to the leaves and bolls of the crop.  Dusky Cotton Bug is typically brown or grey in color and has a triangular-shaped body with transparent wings.  

Type of Infestation

Dusky cotton bugs are a type of sap feeder, which sucks the sap from developing seeds in open bolls and causes lint discoloration.  

Scientific Name: Oxycarenus hyalinipennis 

Most Affected States

The exact distribution of Dusky Cotton Bug in India is not well documented. However, they are a known pest of cotton plants and are likely present in cotton-growing regions of the country.   

Symptoms of Dusky cotton Bug

  • Both nymphs and adults suck the sap from developing seeds, ultimately reducing the weight and viability of seeds. 
  • Discoloration of lint. 
  • Affected seeds become shrunken and discolored. 

Control Measures

The management of Dusky Cotton Bug on cotton plants can be achieved through an integrated approach that includes cultural, biological and chemical measures. 

Cultural Measures

  • Eliminating alternate host plants, such as okra, can help reduce the infestation of the dusky cotton bug. 
  • Early harvesting helps to minimize the damage from Dusky Cotton Bug. 

Physical Measures

  • Collect and destroy the nymphs and adults of dusky cotton bug by shaking the bolls into vessels with kerosene water. 

Biological Measures

Ecotin Insecticide is a neem based biological insecticide containing Azadirachtin, which can be used effectively to control dusky cotton bugs. The recommended dosage is 0.4 – 0.7ml per liter of water. 

Chemical Management

Some of the commercially available chemicals for controlling dusky cotton bugs are mentioned below, 

Product Name  Technical Content   Dosage 
Battalion Insecticide  Thiamethoxam 25% WG  0.5 gm/lit of water or 100 gm/acre 
Katyayani IMD 178  Imidacloprid 17.8 % SL  0.25 ml/lit of water or 50 ml/acre 
Hifield Ag Pyramid Insecticide  Acetamprid 20% SP  0.5gm/lit of water or 100 gm/acre 
Anshul Chlocip Insecticide  Chlorpyriphos 50% + Cypermethrin 5%EC  2 ml/lit of water or 400 ml/acre 


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