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Uttarakhand Kisan Protsahan Yojana

The Kisan Protsahan Yojana (KPY) or the Farmer’s Promotion Scheme by Uttarakhand was developed as part of the Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme of the Central Government. Under the KPY, eligible farmers will get financial assistance and other help to improve their productivity and income. Farmers who are struggling can apply for this scheme. Here are all the details that will help you apply for the KPY scheme in Uttarakhand.

Scheme Overview

  1. Scheme Name: Kisan Protsahan Yojana
  2. Scheme Modified: 24.2.2019
  3. Scheme Fund Allocated: INR 2000 every 3 months
  4. Type of Government Scheme: State Government of Uttarakhand
  5. Sponsored / Sector Scheme: Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme
  6. Website to apply: NA
  7. Helpline No.: NA

Features of Kisan Protsahan Yojana

The Kisan Protsahan Yojana is one of the recent promotional schemes for the benefit of farmers in India. Uttarakhand is the first state to implement this scheme. Although the actual application or registration process is yet to be announced, the authorities are confident that the scheme will benefit quite many farmers in the state. Here are some benefits of this scheme for you to have a clearer picture.

Benefits of Kisan Protsahan Yojana

  1. The Uttarakhand Kisan Protsahan Yojana will benefit the farmers in Uttarakhand.
  2. Farmers who have less than 2 hectares of land are the beneficiaries.
  3. These eligible farmers must also be over 60 years of age. This scheme aims to support the older farmers who struggle to manage their farmland.
  4. These eligible farmers will get INR 2000 every 3 months, which means, annual support of INR 6000 per person.
  5. These beneficiaries must not be availing of any other financial assistance from any other government schemes.
  6. Only the registered farmers under the Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme are eligible for the application process.

Drawbacks of Kisan Protsahan Yojana

The Uttarakhand Kisan Protsahan Yojana is yet to be functional so it will be early to find any drawbacks of this scheme. But one thing to note is that the beneficiaries are over 60 years old, so those who are close to this age and are equally struggling will not be getting any benefits. But that does not counteract the good intentions towards the beneficiaries here. Hope the government will find some relief for the other parties as well.

How to Apply?

The registration process of the Uttarakhand Kisan Protsahan Yojana is yet to start. As soon as the scheme registration starts, this page will be updated with all the relevant details. Please stay tuned!

Documents Required

Even though the registration process is yet to start, the government has issued the necessary documents required for the application. Please take note of the items required and keep them ready

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Bank Account Passbook
  3. Copy Of Land
  4. Mobile Number
  5. Pan Card
  6. Ration Card


The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand recently announced this Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme in the state. He said this project aims to increase the farmers’ income double-fold with regular financial assistance. He is yet to release the other details of this project.

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