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Krishi Mahotsav: Prashikshan Organised At Kota Rajasthan

A two-day event of Krishi Mohatsav: Pradarshani evam Prashikshan has been organised by The Department of Agriculture and farmer Welfare, Government of India in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Rajasthan Government in Kota, Rajasthan. It was conducted with the aim of advancing and leading the Kota Division of Rajasthan in the field of agriculture and rural development. 

Lok Sabha Speaker Shri Om Birla and Shri Kailash Chowdhary, Minister of State For Agriculture and Farmer Welfare, Government of India inaugurated this exhibition. This exhibition spread knowledge about various schemes of the Central and State government among the visitors. It will act as a great platform for the private sector companies/institutes to display their product through stalls. The highlighting feature of the exhibition will be an installation of 75 stalls of StartUps out of 150, to spread the message of the need for Startups in the field of agriculture. 

Benefits to farmers

  1. 5,000 farmers were trained on subjects related to agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry through a 2-session programme.
  2. Subject experts from various fields taught farmers about the nuances of remunerative farming. 
  3. Six training programmes to contribute towards the production of quality seeds in crops, advanced cultivation in guava and amla in Farmers Producer Organization Kisan Bazar (Kota Division), Smart Framing Practices in respect to Climate, Sheep rearing for extra income and Use and importance of Nano Urea in Sustainable Farming, etc. were organised. 
  4. Workshop on Agriculture Infrastructure Fund for farmers. 

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